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Sysadmin / Infra Engineer

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Build infrastructure services to build our RPC aggregator and stand up nodes. Salary from $150k per year and up based on experience.

Every wallet and every dapp need fast and secure access to the blockchain, but not everyone wants to run blockchain nodes (especially performant ones) themselves. We run this infrastructure so that everyone can have a fair, transparent and open-source access to crypto and web3.


  • AWS, Google Cloud, or similar cloud services
  • PagerDuty or similar alerting services
  • Grafana, influxdb, prometheus, or similar stats collection and monitoring
  • Blockchain archive nodes preferred, but database management acceptable.
  • Caddy
  • Packer or similar image building tools
  • Necessary Languages: Rust (web3-proxy)
  • Nice to have: Python (brownie and other scripts), Golang (geth/erigon)


  • Anon friendly
  • Max autonomy and control over your work
  • High impact
  • No meetings, all comms are async
  • Small team, horizontal leadership


LlamaNodes is built by shippers. What we value the most is speed of execution, and we actively try to remove anything extraneous or not needed.

This creates an environment where we instantly extend a lot of trust to everyone (we just trust that they are actively working, we won’t micro-manage to make sure you do X hours on Y days), and the following people thrive:

  • You want to get involved in a new project with high growth prospects and plenty of responsibilities
  • You enjoy having full control over your work and the tools you use.
  • You enjoy making a large impact
  • You have strong initiative, if you identify something that could be improved you just go and improve it
  • You want to stop wasting time on things like meetings and stuff that doesn’t matter and instead prefer having full and un-interrupted control of your time
  • You believe in what LlamaNodes is building
  • Ready to take on any role that’s needed (we don’t have classic separations like dev, product owner… everyone does everything. We personally find this very enjoyable, there’s nothing like talking to users directly and seeing how they use what you built, then implementing features they request in a few hours).

However it doesn’t work for the following people:

  • We don’t micro-manage so team members are expected to do their work as requested and meet their deadlines. They are trusted to deliver and self-manage.
  • You have low intrinsic motivation: Most people at LlamaNodes work independently, so if you don’t have a strong intrinsic motivation it’s very likely you’ll get demotivated and stop working.

Employee benefits

  • Performance based bonuses
  • Equity packages
  • Fully remote positions
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Please let Llama Corp know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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