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Growth Engineer - Cryptowatch

About the Role

This role is fully remote and based in the Americas or Europe.

You will be an instrumental piece of a small team with a mandate to grow the footprint of the Cryptowatch product in the market. Succeeding in this role requires creative thinking, proven software development skills, and flexibility with your toolset and processes. You will work closely with marketers and product managers on the Growth team to design experiments, build minimum viable products, and translate data into insights. By rapidly iterating through experiments to learn about our customers and drive growth, your work will directly impact the product roadmap and bottom line of the Cryptowatch business.

You will also help establish measurement of key conversion and retention metrics, then use them to identify opportunities for improvement in the product experience. As a fullstack developer passionate about driving towards business goals, you will work up and down the stack and pick up new tools and frameworks quickly.


  • Work with the Cryptowatch Growth team to design lightweight experiments that help us learn about customers and drive key growth metrics.
  • Rapidly implement experiments that touch all levels of the software stack, balancing the need for speed-to-market with an eye for consistent user experience and stability.
  • Create structure and process around growth experimentation, data collection, and user research from the ground up.
  • Work with Business Operations, Strategy, Marketing, and Product to collectively grow our understanding of our customer base.


  • Expertise with the React.JS framework.
  • Experience with Golang and PostgreSQL.
  • Quick to pick up new tools and frameworks.
  • Strong ability to search a large codebase to find what you’re looking for.
  • Bias for action and outcomes over perfection.
  • Deliver workable code for experiments at a high velocity with the goal of learning about our customers and what moves key metrics.
  • Able to communicate effectively with businesspeople, designers, developers, marketers, product managers and the customer.
  • Always ask “why?” and love creating experiments that will help you get answers.
  • Skilled in data visualization and web analytics tools like Grafana and MixPanel.

A strong candidate will also have:

  • An interest in crypto
  • Startup experience
  • Built and grown your own consumer tech product

About Kraken

Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of cryptocurrency so that you and the rest of the world can achieve financial freedom and inclusion. Founded in 2011 and with over 4 million clients, Kraken is one of the world’s largest, most successful bitcoin exchanges and we’re growing faster than ever. Our range of successful products are playing an important role in the mainstream adoption of crypto assets. We attract people who constantly push themselves to think differently and chart exciting new paths in a rapidly growing industry. Kraken is a diverse group of dreamers and doers who see value in being radically transparent. Let’s change the way the world thinks about money! Join the revolution!

About Cryptowatch

Cryptowatch is the top trading terminal for crypto assets. The team operates as an independent business unit within Kraken, with the mandate to provide sophisticated tools for all types of traders in the crypto world. The platform connects to all the top exchanges in crypto to feed real-time market data and price charts to thousands of traders around the clock, with unique tools to help traders analyze the market and make trades quickly and easily no matter which exchange(s) they choose to trade on. Our team is looking for entrepreneurial dreamers and doers - we truly believe our success depends on having both in spades. Join us and the movement to change the way the world thinks about money.

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