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Decentralized finance made interoperable

Senior Ethereum Full-Stack Engineer (React, TypeScript, Solidity)

About Interlay

Interlay envisions a future where blockchains can seamlessly connect and interact, regardless of their design and purpose. Anyone should use any digital currency on any blockchain platform without restrictions.

We are building a decentralized cross-chain settlement layer, “a network to connect them all”. We work with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot and others, shipping the infrastructure for cross-chain applications, including:

  • PolkaBTC, the official trustless Bitcoin-Polkadot bridge, in collaboration with Parity Technologies, funded by the Web3 Foundation.
  • XOpts, the first trustless and non-custodial cross-chain settlement layer_ _for derivatives. Built on Ethereum for Bitcoin options, XOpts enables physical settlement of contracts and removes the need for price oracles or wrapped assets.

Our products are designed to be inherently decentralized and the majority of our code is open source. We follow a research-driven approach, back up our work by top-tier scientific papers, and collaborate with leading research labs around the world.

Role and Responsibilities

We are hiring a senior web3 full-stack engineer to help us build Interlay’s decentralized cross-chain settlement layer. Your initial focus will be on XOpts and implementing physically settled Bitcoin TC options on Ethereum.

Your responsibility will be to implement state-of-the-art smart contracts, ensuring security best practices and a modular design to ensure extensibility. You will be in charge of building an open-source TS library for smart contract interactions, integrated into the React web app. Your previous experience in React, Redux, Next.js and Bootstrap will help us make the app usable and reliable.

As an ideal candidate, you have previously worked on open-source production grade software, especially on EVM smart contracts. You are excited about the challenges of coding in decentralized environments and are ready to dig into low-level implementation details. You also have experience with Bitcoin, UTXOs and transaction scripts.

You will be joining an ambitious team with multi-year expertise in blockchain protocols, security and cryptography. There will be a steep learning curve, we will expect you to stay up to date with technological developments, and you will be encouraged to apply your ideas to product designs.

Full-time and preferably based in the UK

What you will do

  • Write state-of-the-art smart contracts on Ethereum
  • Develop/extend TS libraries to interact with blockchains/smart contracts
  • Ensure that dapps are tested thoroughly via e2e tests
  • Contribute to other open-source projects that we integrate with
  • Work in close collaboration with the team on product architecture and design

What you bring

  • Senior-level React, Redux, and Typescript development experience
  • Expertise in Solidity, EVM, and smart contract design
  • Strong desire to build decentralized and open source software
  • Understanding of Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s inner workings
  • Passion for learning new technology and tackling novel technical problems
  • Excellent English communication skills

“Nice to have”

  • Interest in novel decentralized technologies (IPFS, Substrate, IBC, …)
  • Existing contributions to open-source software products
  • MSc in Computer Science or equivalent

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