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A new way to monetize site traffic

Solidity Engineer

About hCaptcha

hCaptcha is designed to solve the most labor intensive problem in machine learning: labeling massive amounts of data in a timely, affordable, and reliable way.

More data generally produces better results in training machine learning models. The recent success of deep models has led to increasingly large datasets, almost always with some human review. However, creating large human-reviewed datasets via Mechanical Turk, Crowdflower, etc. is both slow and expensive.

hCaptcha allows websites to make money serving this demand while blocking bots and other forms of abuse.

The Team

The team behind hCaptcha has decades of software and ML expertise. We build and operate massively scalable systems to tackle today’s hardest problems.

We come from companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon, institutions like Stanford and MIT, and have helped build some of the most widely used products in the world.

The Role

Do you have a history of writing production code and experience of writing Solidity? Come help us make hCaptcha.

hCaptcha website

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