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The protocol for decentralized agricultural and planetary data intelligence

Senior Blockchain Engineer

The Flux Protocol is currently seeking talented engineers to help establish and execute on our unique token model. Engineers will be tasked with linking FLUX tokens to consumer data in order to effectively share and store the fuel that will power our Perception Engine. Paired with our growbot Eddy, FLUX tokens will serve as the backbone of the Flux ecosystem. Engineers are expected to have an interest in sustainability and agriculture IOT technology.

Engineers will work closely with our Research & Development head Amichai Yifrach to orchestrate a successful integration of the envisioned “data capsules” fundamental in Flux’s success. Additionally, engineers will be fed information from Flux’s founders, the product team, and other early engineers to architect and build out the debut launch of the Flux Protocol. Engineers will have the opportunity to strengthen FLUX’s utility use-cases and ultimately improve on competitive products in the home-growing agriculture industry.

The Flux Protocol is initially being built on the Ethereum blockchain to take advantage of strategic partnerships with other decentralized projects including our officemate, Origin Protocol. Over time, Flux is entertaining the option of building out a native chain to take advantage of block rewards and a unique consensus mechanism.

The blockchain ecosystem is fast paced and some of the core tools and libraries you will use are still being created. You will be expected to learn and embrace new technologies and keep a steady eye on projects relevant to the development of the Flux protocol.

Blockchain Engineers will:

  • Be an integral part of growing the engineering team and establishing a productive, positive, and inclusive company culture. Prior experience growing productive engineering teams is a plus.
  • Be a core member involved in Architecting, building, and integrating our open-hardware and protocol with the Perception Engine.
  • Utilize crowdsourced data to produce relevant and actionable insights.
  • Deploying core Ethereum smart contracts of the Flux token model.
  • Creating open-source libraries and a developer SDK.
  • Evangelize the Flux protocol and our mission to bring about a future of abundance for the whole planet.


  • Based in Colorado and able to commute to our North American base is Boulder
  • 3+ years in software engineering (full-stack strongly preferred)
  • Strong background in Javascript
  • Prior knowledge of Solidity
  • Well versed in other cloud based data management
  • Extensive knowledge of the blockchain ecosystem
  • Experience deploying ERC tokens on mainnet
  • Ability to integrate ERC tokens into the Flux DApp
  • Comfortable building out a native chain
  • A self-starter comfortable working asynchronously with a remote team (R&D is based in Israel)
  • Bonus points if you have demonstrated open-source leadership and led a major open-source project yourself

If you are excited by the mission of the Flux project and share in our vision to unlock a future abundance for all, please apply with a note explaining your interest and qualifications.


Compensation varies with experience. More detailed salaries will be negotiated in person.

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