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Solidity Developer

If you are looking to move in to the blockchain community or are already working on blockchain projects, one of the most exciting teams is looking for Solidity Developers. The team has a great crypto-economic model, years of experience designing consensus for the participants to create more co-ordination between users. They believe in creating a fairer economic and social platform for all users.

They are huge believers in open source technologies as a way to create even better systems and applications, so if you feel the same this could be an excellent opportunity for you.

This role require somebody to build and code front end applications in react from the ground up, the right person will have experience writing code from scratch, ideally with some architectural experience.

The Solidity Developers will code in various fit to purpose languages such as JavaScript, Golang/Go, C/C++, Rust, Haskell, Ruby, Elixir or Scala. The Solidity Developers will deploy nodes and write smart contracts connecting the frontend and blockchain layer of technology.

The Candidates must have:

  • Understanding of or passion for blockchain technology, knowledge of decentralized technologies
  • Strong understanding of algorithms, data structures, cryptography and data security
  • 2+ years of experience writing smart contracts in solidity or Vyper and testing in truffle
  • Experience with wallets like Metamask, Jaxx, MyEtherWallet, MyCrypto or similar
  • Experience in other programming languages and frameworks / protocols would be favorable: Javascript, Go, Python, Ruby, Rust, Elixir, Scala, Haskell, Node.js, Bash, React
  • Experience should include both developing on the server-side and front-end
  • Capability of working with a wide range of complex computing environments

All these companies are hoping to bring blockchain to the mainstream and if you are passionate about decentralization these could be excellent opportunities.

Specialism: Ethereum: web3.js, setting up and running geth/parity nodes, solidity, smart contracts, truffle
Sector: Blockchain
Consultant: Jacob Webb, [email protected]

How to Apply

If you have the above experience, then please send a copy of your CV for a prompt response to [email protected].

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