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Ruby on Rails Engineer

CoinFalcon is a fast growing European cryptocurrency exchange that allows anyone to purchase cryptocurrency with Fiat. We will be expanding to the USA soon to further capitalize on our successes in Europe and are looking for a very talented Rails Engineer to join us on our journey.

What are we looking for?

  • We’re looking for somebody who’s really great at developing in Ruby on Rails.
  • You enjoy mentoring juniors and giving in-depth feedback during code reviews. While you appreciate the small stuff, you recognize bikeshedding and can avoid its pitfalls.
  • You code with reason and can justify the important decisions you made during development.
  • You know and apply best practices. That means the usual like version control, testing, and refactoring; but also good object oriented design, SRP, SOLID, etc.
  • You’re aware of the trade-offs involved in proper engineering and can make balanced business decisions, keeping all stakeholders of the project in mind.
  • You’ve got opinions on code design and you can defend them, but you’re professional enough to not let those opinions get in the way of a consensus if necessary.
  • You have good knowledge and foresight of potential performance issues that might arise when working with large datasets.


  • You have at least 4 years of experience working with Ruby, or 2 years of experience with Ruby and 4 years in other languages
  • You grok Rails
  • Your work hours overlap with EU business hours

Good to have

  • Experience as a remote worker in a fully remote team
  • Experience with Javascript (ES6) and front-end frameworks
  • Experience in Trading
  • Cryptocurrency knowledge

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