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Blockchain Solutions

Blockchain Solutions

Cryptocurrency exchange

Lead Developer

Position Description:

  • Lead the transition of the exchange from the current development team leading up to and following the forecasted Q4 2018 launch
  • Take ownership of all development aspects of the exchange following launch
  • Maintain and improve the exchange with a focus on security, updates, and patches
  • Be prepared to lead a rapidly growing exchange and IT team
  • Provide unique problem-solving insights while operating in areas of ambiguity
  • Travel will vary


  • Competitive base salary and benefits package including incentives tied to success of development work and exchange; relocation assistance to the Cayman Islands


  • Experience defining high level IT services, infrastructure and security policies
  • Extensive .NET Core and ASP.NET experience
  • Extensive experience with the following libraries preferred:
    • Microsoft Dependency Inversion
    • Microsoft Extensions Hosting
    • Microsoft Extensions Configuration
    • Serilog
  • Able to write, debug and performance tune SQL queries, preferably PostgresSQL
  • Understands multi-threaded programming – has experience building software with multiple process requests in multiple threads
  • Understands the performance characteristics of low-level synchronization primitives, such as mutexes and semaphores
  • Understands the performance characteristics of immutable data structures
  • Understands lock free data structures
  • Power-user level understanding of linux (understands how to make HTTP queries manually, how to debug connectivity issues, and how to process large log files with tools like grep)
  • Experience working with kubernetis, helm and docker
  • Can write and debug small bash, rake and ruby scripts
  • Experience working with at least one blockchain (can setup blockchain node and interact with it with CLI interface and JSON RPC)
  • Experience with git version control system
  • Experience working with Microsoft Azure or AWS
  • Knowledge of new technologies, trends and their application to the cryptocurrency industry
  • High character, loyalty, integrity, and sense of purpose
  • Proactive, results oriented, motivated, self-starter, comfortable operating in ambiguity

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