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Balancer Labs

Balancer Labs

N-dimensional automated market maker on Ethereum

Lead Front-End Engineer

We’re looking to hire a lead frontend engineer at Balancer Labs to help manage our growing list of dapps, libraries, and tooling. You will be joining a core team of less than 5 and be on the ground floor at a new DeFi protocol.

Balancer is a generalized automated market-maker built on Ethereum that allows anyone a flexible and programmable way to earn trading fees on their portfolio. Learn more on our site and documentation

We are backed by some of the top investors in the space (Placeholder, Accomplice, Coinfund, Inflection).


  • Manage all frontend applications including the exchange and pool management apps
  • Collaborate with other engineers on SDK’s, libraries, and other middleware components
  • Design and architect a platform for smart pools - which will be an extensible marketplace built on top of Balancer with multiple types of interfaces


  • Lead role or principal engineer at another startup
  • Understanding of web3 stack including ethers.js, wallet integrations, contract and proxy interactions
  • Extensive experience with react and typescript
  • Some familiarity with solidity and IPFS

Balancer Labs website