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Senior Full Stack Blockchain Developer - GameFi + Metaverse

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About Atlantis World

We’re building a lightweight virtual world with interactive learning for DeFi that can be accessed from a web browser on any device, anywhere in the world.

We believe that as much as the metaverse should be open, it should be accessible (lightweight) and gamify interactions with DeFi applications. Existing virtual worlds are inaccessible because they have a 3d/immersive focus, resulting in a high-cost barrier to entry (since in order to enjoy seamless loading experience, users must go out and buy the latest iPad / gaming pc, this technology / hardware is neither inexpensive or readily available globally). On top of this; DeFi products, products and primitives can be confusing and difficult to navigate.

We are making the virtual world and DeFi experience accessible to everybody, especially those in regions who are underbanked and suffer from routine predatory lending practices, enabling us to onboard billions of people into DeFi who stand to benefit the most from innovations in the blockchain / Web3 space.

We’re also building with crypto natives in mind, levelling up the current chatter, social gaming and remote working experience for DAOs. communities and teams from web 2 alternatives like Discord to fully Web3 enabled, token gated cities… complete with NFTs, opt-in spatial video / audio calling, encrypted text chat, gamified DeFi + native DAO voting!

Beyond that, we’ll also build public cities and are currently re-thinking decentralized governance with our own community, with some exciting models in mind.

We’ve so far received support and funding from market leaders such as Polygon, Audius, Yearn Finance, Balancer, Perpetual Protocol and MetaCartel with more on the way.

In the news: The Defiant.

The Team

We’re a fully distributed (remote) team that is super young, diverse and energised. We’re highly motivated, value and research driven individuals that have been native to the GameFi space since the beginning (even before the term was thought up).

Co-founder and product lead CJ actually built 1 of the first 5 DeFi NFT projects that made it to the Ethereum main network in 2020, when daily transaction volume in the NFT space was less than $200k (now $200M+ and continuing to grow at an unprecedented rate). He’s very much an experienced Web3 native builder, maker and researcher who first became interested in Bitcoin back in 2014. Whilst usually travelling, he’s currently headquartered in Munich.

Co-founder Rev is a goal orientated, growth hungry beast (we joke that he needs to be fed traction) with over 7 years of experience in building and growing companies, from FinTech, XR, crypto exchanges and now metaverse. We’ve recently experienced 400%+ community growth inside 1 week, driven by Rev who is currently based in Montenegro and the fantastic players we’ve been able to onboard as collaborators, such as Yearn, Polygon, Audius and MetaCartel. He’s also currently adoption lead at Witnet, a leading decentralized oracle network.

Tech lead Michael joins us from Czech Technical University in Prague, whilst currently based at SeoulTech on an exchange program. He recently turned down internships with Amazon and H20.ai to work on Atlantis, and previously developed SoftBank robot assistants.

We’re also joined by game developer Julio in Seattle, game designer Ilayda in Istanbul (who is also a keen YouTube creator with over 500k views and enjoys Twitch streaming) and Russian blockchain developer Dmitry who is currently based in the Czech Republic. We’ve previously also had contributors on the blockchain / Web3 side join us from Mumbai in India.

We’re a truly global and fully remote team of hackers that have become like family. We speak a total of 11 languages with native English, Russian and Turkish speakers, and are proud to have built a very diverse, friendly and inclusive working environment.

The Opportunity

We’re looking for a rockstar individual with outstanding talent and proven experience in Ethereum native blockchain development to join our dynamic and high growth start up environment at an early stage, with the opportunity to even become an equity partner.

You’ll take a lead role in building the capital city of the internet, owned and governed by users, with censorship resistance and true digital rights. We’re planning to host an NFT sale whereby land parcels in Atlantis City are governance tokens (we are designing a DAO to progressively decentralize the project) and a productive asset class (since we will enable a revenue sharing model).

Atlantis City will be built with a fully fledged crypto economy (for swapping, lending and borrowing assets, as well as purchasing digital goods such as NFT collectibles). Market leaders in DeFi will open digitally native banks inside of Atlantis complete with customer support, interactive learning, deposits, borrowing and lending.

We will encourage users to co-create digitally native business models inside of our virtual world that provide futuristic value, such as a co-working space, movie theatre or independent art exhibition. Creatives will be able to make a governance proposal and occupy land in the city for free to experiment with innovative ideas.

Beyond that, you’ll also provide value to Web3 communities that you love and existing DeFi users.

We’re planning to level up the chatter and social gaming experience from Web2 alternatives like bulletin boards, Discord and Gather, to a totally crypto native metaverse with Web3 building blocks like token-gating, gamified DeFi, in-game DAO voting, as well as privacy focused, encrypted text chat and opt-in video calling. We plan to enable network effects across the board by integrating a variety of DeFi products across the core experience, from Atlantis City to different community specific token-gated lands outside the walls of the city itself.

About You

  • You’ll have a strong background in blockchain and smart contract development (solidity, web.js etc) with exposure to different APIs and SDKs.
  • You’ll be a knowledgeable and passionate DeFi native, with experience building on top of protocols like Aave and Yearn.
  • You’ll be able to adjust to new environments and APIs easily.
  • You’ll have a solid understanding of blockchain gaming development structure (we’re currently using the phaser.js framework)
  • You’ll be a confident leader, have a creative approach to completing tasks, experience working in teams and always go the extra mile.

Your Role

  • Build innovative smart contracts such as spatial transactions (approving by moving an avatar to a specific area of the game map), crafting items, interacting with game elements, land parcel sales, DAOs, revenue sharing etc.
  • Integrate DeFi products into Atlantis World in a gamified way.
  • Work across our tech stack alongside game developers and designers.
  • Manage a team of intermediate developers.

Nice to Have

  • 3+ years of experience working in blockchain / Web3.
  • Solid front end skills (react.js preferred).
  • Experience leading projects of your own and winning hackathons.


  • Competitive USD salary.
  • Opportunity to become an equity partner (token or NFT land parcel allocation).
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Please let Atlantis World know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.

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