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Full Stack JavaScript Engineer

Our aim is to make crypto breakthrough to a global audience. To do this, we need your help to build outstanding web apps and backend services, for both our customers and our team. These involve some of our most important initiatives. Examples include:

  • Customer facing: The Argent Security Center (a unique React app that helps our users to secure their wallets)
  • Internal: Our internal Dashboard (a React app that significantly streamlines our engineering work and our customer support)
  • Backend: A data pipeline which enriches Ethereum data and exposes it via a GraphQL API.

For such initiatives you’ll take ownership of the entire development lifecycle and quickly ship features in an agile environment.


  • 3+ years experience working with JavaScript
  • Strong computer science and security fundamentals
  • Focused on delivering great UX

You’ll have expert knowledge of:

  • Frontend: React (hooks), CSS/HTML
  • Backend: Node.js, interacting with APIs, databases, queues and caches
  • Functional programming and using unit tests and integration tests to deliver high quality code
  • Deploying, monitoring and scaling apps in a production environment using AWS

We’re also looking for experience with:

  • Ethereum blockchain
  • Integrating different AWS solutions
  • Open source software and contributions
  • Some experience with TypeScript


  • Work remotely - anywhere in Europe (but Europe only). No commute. Lots of flexibility. Plenty of time to care for your kids or cats.
  • Equity in a high growth startup backed by the investors of Spotify and Slack.
  • Autonomy - you decide how to achieve your best work.
  • Trips across Europe - for one week every three months we collaborate in person, explore new solutions and have fun. So far we’ve stayed in Nice, Toulouse, Brussels, Lisbon and Barcelona. We’ll resume these when safe following COVID.
  • Equipment - pick the tech setup of your choice.
  • Parental leave - generous package for new parents.
  • Build a new industry - help define the future of the web.

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