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About Us Our mission is to build the first on-chain reputation protocol, allowing users to unlock benefits through their on-chain behaviour in DeFi. We achieve this through processing large amounts of data that gets scored through AI, ML, and data-driven applications before being uploaded to a user’s DeFi Passport. We have two products that we are building out with one product team for each product.

  • DeFi Passport 💳: This is the product that allows users to access benefits on-chain through analysing their behaviour. We also allow 3rd party developers to use our infrastructure to create their own scores. This is a consumer facing team and about crafting a delightful product.
  • ARCUSD 🏦: This is our credit scoring technology coupled with our loan issuance platform that allows users to borrow more through their borrowing behaviour. We focus on this since we believe that credit is the killer application of reputation. This team is primarily an infrastructure team and about robust engineering.

You’ll undoubtedly be wearing many hats while working alongside incredibly talented and driven individuals, fully remotely 🌏. We’ve raised over $8m till date from some of the industry’s top investors and are a team of 6 full time members and another 6 contractors/contributors/part-timers.


Culture is extremely important to us and not just in a corporate-speak way. These are the things we pride ourselves on as a team:

  • We love what we do and don’t view this as another job, rather an extension of their life’s work 🤗
  • We are extremely good at what we do through demonstrated past experience and execution ability 🚀
  • We care about the people around us and want to spend time developing and maintaining good relationships all around 😇

What we’re looking for

We are looking for Data Engineers to join our fledgling Data & ML team to help us create the awesome models that feed into our consumer facing products. You’ll be working closely with ML Engineers to develop and deploy a series of greenfield initiatives, as well and building out the underlying infrastructure which makes it possible for us to scale to a global scale 🚀

From day-one you’ll be helping to build, maintain, and scale our terrabyte-scale problems. We will need you to help build, maintain, and enrich our data warehouse to power all of our data systems. You’ll always be on the lookout for new data sources to mine, and ensuring that we maintain data integrity across our entire pipeline. You’ll be building out the infrastructure to enable ML Engineers to build and deploy their own systems that are highly-available, scalable, and secure. If you won’t settle for anything less than awesome, and thrive working with a team of uber-passionate engineers, then you’ll love working in our team.

You should have a depth of experience in solving these problems and understand the importance of clean, maintainable code. You’ll be working with Python, Bash, Terraform, and GCP, and experience with these technologies (or similar) is a must. Experience in crypto, blockchain, or DeFi is a huge plus but not essential. We open to ramping you up on our problem domain and tech stack, given you have a demonstrated aptitude to learn quickly.

What you will be doing

  • Working with a passionate team of Data & ML Engineers to solve novel and complex modelling challenges, most of which have never been attempted before in the DeFi space.
  • Designing, building, maintaining, and optimising terrabyte-scale data processing pipelines.
  • Prospecting, mining, and integrating external data sources into our data warehouse.
  • Developing a comprehensive data API, both for internal ML Engineers and developers from product teams.
  • Assisting ML Engineers build production-grade systems.
  • Ensuring high availability, performance, scalability, and security of our systems.

What you should have

  • +2 years in a data or cloud computing role.
  • +2 years writing, deploying, and maintaining data pipelines.
  • Can write clean, maintainable, testable code.
  • ML experience is highly regarded.
  • Blockchain or DeFi experience is highly regarded.

Technical requirements

  • Cloud technologies (GCP preferred).
  • Python data-manipulation frameworks (e.g. pandas, PySpark).
  • Python web frameworks (e.g. Flask).
  • SQL (experience with DBT highly regarded).
  • Terraform or similar technologies.
  • Docker (Kubernetes highly regarded).
  • Bash.
  • Git.
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Please let ARCx know you found this position on Cryptocurrency Jobs as a way to support us so we can keep providing you with quality crypto jobs.