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Aragon Black

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Solidity Engineer

Aragon Black is searching for a Full-Time Solidity Engineer to join its ranks. You’ll work mostly on Aragon Fundraising development, improve core-component of the Aragon Stack and keep on developing and enhancing the pando protocol. You’ll work closely with the Tech Lead of Aragon Black and the research team on Aragon Labs and aragonOS. We expect a good, even perfect awareness of Aragon Network and Ethereum.

Technical Requirements

  • Develop, ship and maintain quality smart contracts for the Aragon platform
  • Code review & elaboration of documentation
  • Strong unit testing culture
  • Ability to ship high quality, well crafted code running on Ethereum

Human Requirements

  • A strong passion for decentralization and a rage for political change!
  • Autonomous nature & proactive attitude
  • Patient & tenacious
  • Time self-management


  • Familiarity to the Aragon architecture
  • Awareness of bonding curves architectures
  • Cool attitude (Yep, we have a reputation to maintain :)

How to Apply

To apply, please send an email to [email protected] with the subject [Solidity Engineer] and the following informations; CV (make sure to highlight experience and contribution in open-source projects), GitHub (obviously we expect open-source developers to have an active one), Twitter/Reddit profiles. We’re certainly not big fans of LinkedIn but go ahead if you have one!

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