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Workshop Facilitator

Deep Work provides radically better design for technical teams and founders. Our client engagements run in Hypersprints - efficient and enjoyable combinations of workshop sessions, prototype design and user testing.

Deep Work is self-funded. We’re two founders, previously freelancers, who built Deep Work from scratch with our own resources and work. We’re eager to grow and work with a network of design freelancers and workshop facilitators, always making sure we can all influence the direction of Deep Work together.

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Workshop Facilitator and Product Designer


As a workshop facilitator and product designer you are mainly moderating workshops and guiding a (client) team through a design process. This requires you to be confident speaking to strangers online and very succinct and clear with the use of your language in general. Your role also allows you to advise the client team on a product related topic like user journeys, growth, communication, strategy etc., almost like a consultant depending on your skillset. You take responsibility of the results of the workshops and also act as a communicator among the members of the workshop team.

Qualifications and Experience

  • Experience leading and facilitating creative workshops for teams - ideally the Google Ventures / Jake Knapp Design Sprint, or similar.
  • Deep understanding of product design, user experience and client needs, with regards to product strategy.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Confident communication with clients, expectation management and being able to make them feel comfortable regardless of their stress levels.
  • Understanding and interest in the evolving web3 space, its product challenges, blockchain applications and token economics.

Offer From Deep Work

We work with a network of external consultants. Selecting product designers, workshop facilitators and user testers for each client project. We’re expanding our network and need more workshop facilitators. Our facilitators charge a day rate for their work and a typical commitment looks like the following:

  • Preparation - Hand over from a team member to understand the project and client requirements.
  • Three Days Collaboration Sessions - Facilitating the Hypersprint sessions for 4-hours a day (we don’t work more than that to optimise productivity and getting the most out of you and our clients). This is the focus of the day and is not be fitted around other projects.
  • Prototype / User Testing - You hand over to the product designer to build the prototype. Who hands over to the user tester to test the users.
  • Final Report - You facilitate the summary session to the client, presenting the user testing results and giving clear next steps.

How To Apply

All our network of collaborators go through the following process:

  • Application - we review applications and reply with a yes or no to move forward.
  • Interview - we interview successful applications on a short zoom call.
  • Shadowing - Experts shadow an existing facilitator on a sprint, depending on your skill level, you will have a degree of responsibility in the process. For the shadowing process, we pay a rate of €300/day for each of the 4-hour collaboration sessions unless there is an exceptional circumstance.
  • Approval - The expert on the sprint provides feedback and decides if you get accepted to be a lead expert on a project next time.
  • Expert - You can then be selected to lead facilitate future Deep Work projects, on a full rate and with full responsibility.

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