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Website Design Contractor

Bankless is looking to make a splash with a brand new website! We’re looking for a candidate who is familiar with the Bankless brand, Bankless content, Bankless Ethos, and is ideally a part of the Bankless Nation.

Right now, Bankless has multiple, separate streams of content all running in parallel:

And then there are also one-off campaigns and blitzs we run, such as “Ultra Sound Money” week, or other themes that we want to express, depending on the news cycle.

We’re looking to build a single, central hub of all things ‘Bankless’.

Ideas include:

Featured front page

  • A rotating modular page of all types of Bankless content streams.
  • The Coindesk front page does a good job of this and so does The Defiant.

Podcast page

  • A page dedicated to podcast episodes, with embedded media player and convenient links to mobile podcast apps. WordPress integration with LibSyn is possible here.
  • A good example includes Hidden Forces.

Video page

  • A page to embed key pieces of Bankless video content found on the YouTube channel.

Articles / Written content page

  • A place to host written content that is native, and independent from Substack, giving it a permanent home on the Bankless website.

Content Directory

Bankless has a growing number of different channels that produce content:

  • Substack newsletters
  • Main newsletters
  • Metaversal
  • 1 more coming soon
  • YouTube page

A single sitemap page of all bankless content is needed

Additionally, we frequently cite the same web pages in our content. A page that hosts a directory of external resources for further knowledge is helpful.

We are looking for someone who can build out the Home Page of Bankless, and also iterate and maintain it into the future!


  • Probably prefer deployment on WordPress given rich plug-in ecosystem
  • Apart of the Bankless nation, and available on discord
  • Can keep the website perpetually updated, as the Bankless content treadmill doesn’t stop
  • Can contribute their own creative flair and make their own direction

Bankless website

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