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24MEX is the world’s leading crypto currency CFD exchange, providing customers with up to 100x leverage of two-way extremely fast ordering and professional ordering trade. 24MEX will upgrade its existing brands and businesses. In addition to existing businesses, it will provide customers with blockchain services such as spot trading, perpetual contracts, DEFI, digital asset custody, etc., to create a world-class exchange platform.

Job Description

  1. Improve and manage the VI system brand visual identity system (VI system) of all brands of the group to ensure that brand packaging can be creative based on the brand visual identity system According to the company’s brand positioning, carry out related visual design (including: VI, advertising, webpage, online and other promotion media design)
  2. Responsible for the follow-up of the online unified specification implementation of related designs;
  3. Assist and be responsible for completing other tasks of corporate brand promotion;
  4. According to the company’s specific business module requirements, design specific business module visual specifications and usage standards;
  5. Other daily design and creative work

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