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Vertex Market

P2P trading platform

Customer Management & Operations

Vertex Market is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace created by a team of crypto enthusiasts trying to solve one of the biggest hurdles in the crypto world, cashing out (and in) your funds.

We are extending our team by 3 more staff members, each of them strong in 1 additional language:

  • Arabic, Russian, Spanish

!! Do not apply, if you do not speak any of the above languages fluently as we cannot consider you at this time !!

What we look for?

Strong individual that is motivated to work and be part of a growing successful tech platform.


  1. must speak fluent English and one of the above languages
  2. must understand the basics of cryptocurrency
  3. must be willing to work on flexible hours
  4. must be motivated

That is all it takes for us, to consider you for this position as we believe in motivation and dedication being the most important skills.

Tasks you will have to perform:

  • User reach-out
  • User management
  • Support the Marketing Team with content
  • Test Features in test environment
  • Have daily calls with the team
  • Have fun!!

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